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President Trump Pulls Rug Out From Pelosi – He Just Accused Her Of Padding Coronavirus Bill With 25-Year Goodies

You’ve got to hand it to Nancy Pelosi. She never seems to let a crisis go to waste.

The world is battling a new virus. President Trump is fighting to ensure all Americans are safe.

But what is Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats doing? Well, it sure looks like they are trying to take advantage of the situation.

According to Trump, their “coronavirus” bill is loaded with junk totally unrelated to the problem, stuff they have wanted for 25 years.

It looks like she thinks this crisis is a blank check to push through her progressive agenda.

But the president called her out on it.

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump said he did not support the proposed emergency funding bill by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released on Wednesday night to fight the coronavirus…

The bill did not address issues that the president asked for, including a payroll tax cut.

“It’s not a way for them to get some of the goodies that they haven’t been able to get for the past 25 years,” Trump said.

Trump fired back at Pelosi, saying he would not support a bill that neglects his goals, but is loaded with other proposals.

But it seems, even with support from House Democrats, the Senate is not biting.

From The Hill:

Senate Republicans say they will not be rushed into accepting a House Democratic bill to provide paid sick leave and a variety of other safety-net aid to people affected by the coronavirus…

Cornyn said the House bill appears to be an effort by Democratic leaders to “score political points” by pressuring GOP lawmakers to accept an array of welfare spending that they know would be tough for conservatives to swallow.

Senate leaders attacked the Pelosi-backed bill, calling it “an ideological wish list.”

Republicans are saying they will not rush through this process, just to get something for Trump to sign. And there’s a good chance that Trump won’t sign a bill that is loaded with garbage and flat-out rejects payroll cuts.

Trump has proposed various small business loans, payroll tax cuts, and other measures to ensure our businesses and workers succeed during this situation.

But Pelosi has ignored several of his proposals, apparently in order to expand unrelated welfare.

It seems like she will not be able to get her way. The House had better craft a bill everyone can support. If not, Pelosi will have to live with the consequences.

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