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John Bolton Emerges As True Villain in Coronavirus Crisis, Admits He Got Rid Of WH Pandemic Office

It turns out it was John Bolton the whole time and the most hated man in America (James Comey is a close second) can finally be of use to this country.

America needs a fall guy and Bolton is the perfect guy – everyone hates him. His fingerprints are all over the most disastrous decisions and misadventures this country has ever made.

He never saw a war he didn’t like and he helped start plenty.

Trillions of taxpayer funds were wasted and thousands of innocent soldiers were killed or wounded so Bolton could play chess with real lives.

He thinks he’s a genius but he is just a bureaucrat skilled at graft and corruption.

He exposed himself to the entire nation during the impeachment debacle. He bared his greedy soul as he ripped apart America with fabulous claims of Trump’s guilt only to clam up again and tell the duped left to go buy his book if they wanted the dirt to impeach Trump.

Although it was fun to watch the left lose their minds and momentarily think Bolton was their hero, it was an impossible dream and when it crashed it left us even further apart.

Imagine how soulless you have to be to try to sell books during an impeachment trial that was tearing the country apart?

Look, what he did is not patriotic. He showed he did not care for this country, President Trump, the truth, or the Democrats.

And that fact is what really did in Bolton – he always wrapped himself in the flag to justify his behavior and now he can never again.

If he cared about America he would not have pulled that stunt. It is that simple.

Now, much has been made about disbanding the White House pandemic team from the left.

Bolton admitted he did it but said that it didn’t affect anything.

He is probably right as it was a small office – it is very probable Trump had no idea it was there or that Bolton got rid of it.

It is also probable that Trump didn’t know that Bolton did do some global cutting and reorganization to field offices later.

But in reality, who cares?

South Korea is the only country that got this early – Europe and America did not.

This is no none’s fault – scientists were saying early on that this was going to go around the globe and there was no way to stop it.

We need to move on and find solutions and not bitch and point fingers.

But we can’t because the GOP is blaming the left for politicizing this and the left is blaming Trump…

Since we must blame before we can move forward let’s blame Bolton.

He deserves it for all the other horrible things he has done to this country.

Look, we all need to stop playing politics with this virus and come together and beat it. If it takes s fall guy to do that, Bolton is perfect.