Joe Biden Loses It Over Coronavirus – During Debate He Coughs Against CDC Rules And Can’t Keep Facts Straight

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders held their no-audience debate last Sunday. It was the first Democratic debate since the ramped-up coronavirus situation.

And it did not go well.

Both candidates claimed they’d do a better job of handling the problem than Donald Trump.

But when asked a question about the ongoing situation, Joe made the most obvious mistake.

From Twitter:

Joe Biden begins an answer to a question about how he would respond to the #coronavirus by coughing into his hand.

Yikes. Everyone knows that, during this outbreak, you don’t cough into your hand. Cough into a tissue or—at worst—into your elbow. That way, you’re less likely to spread anything with your hands.

But Joe, even as he was asked about the coronavirus, broke this first rule.

That was just the start. When trying to discuss the current outbreak, the former vice president had trouble just keeping his facts straight.

From Twitter:

Sleepy Joe is SO CONFUSED. Joe has…

– Called the coronavirus “SARS”

– Called the coronavirus the “swine flu”

– Called the H1N1 virus the “N1H1”

– Forgot the name of the Ebola virus, describing it as “what happened in Africa”

Joe is SO LOST!

Uh… yikes. Once again, Joe Biden is having trouble getting his thoughts together.

When discussing the coronavirus (or COVID-19, the official name for the disease it causes), Biden messed up several times.

He called it SARS and the swine flu. He then mixed up the H1N1 virus, calling it N1H1. He then totally forgot the name for Ebola, calling it “what happened in Africa.”

And this is the guy Democrats want to be president?

All of America is bracing for the worst. Each new day brings news about this outbreak. Imagine if we had to go through this crisis, with Joe Biden in the White House.

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