Trump Prepares To Fire Thousands Of Swamp Slugs From Washington’s Most Wasteful Agency

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Democrats in Congress are trying to stop him – but Donald’s going over their heads.

From Day 1, Donald Trump vowed to drain the bloated D.C. swamp. Here comes his biggest drain yet.

Over the last two and a half years, he’s managed to cut plenty of worthless government jobs, and he clearly doesn’t believe in a giant “Big Brother.”

As a former government contractor, I can tell you: government agencies are bloated and full of waste. They ALL can benefit from some trimming.

And some need to be eliminated altogether. So, Trump is about to cut one of the biggest, saving taxpayers millions.

And if Congress stands in his way… there’s going to be trouble.

From Fox News:

“Trump administration officials have put the Office of Personnel Management on the chopping block in an ambitious but controversial bid to reorganize the federal government…

…and they are ready to furlough or even lay off workers if Congress stands in their way.”


Trump wants to get rid of the Office of Personnel Management in order to shrink and reorganize the federal government.

There are currently over 5,000 employees there, and Trump’s ready to get rid of it.

If Congress refuses to comply, well… many more workers are going to be sent home!

And as a leader and experienced businessman, you better believe Trump knows how to cut redundancies and streamline our government:

He wants to make it efficient, effective, and inexpensive.

But above all, he wants to HELP the average taxpayer.

Congress and the bloated fat cats who control them don’t want that to happen, though.

They want to waste as much taxpayer dollars as possible on unnecessary agencies and departments.

We should be VERY happy Trump is willing to get rid of the waste, to save tax dollars and shrink the massive size of our government.

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Source: Fox News

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