Kevin McCarthy Says Pelosi Owes Nation Apology, Questions Nancy’s Fitness For Office

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped the hammer on Nancy Pelosi questioning her fitness to be Speaker of the House.

McCarthy ripped Pelosi for showboating while Trump was holding critical meetings with foreign heads of states and demanded an apology.

One does question – because she must know she does not have the votes in the Senate – if this is all just another political ploy to embarrass President Trump.

“I am worried about what this is doing to the fabric of America. The Mueller report showed that Adam Schiff lied to us and President Trump did not do anything wrong,” Kevin said.

“What I am concerned now is that Pelosi changed the course of the Speaker for history… So I think Pelosi owes an apology and I question why she stays in her job.”

From The Hill:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) decision to launch an impeachment inquiry, calling it a “dark day” for the rule of law.

He also questioned whether Pelosi should stay on as Speaker or step down.

“I think what the Speaker did was a dark day, not only for this institution, but for the rule of law. And she put this country in harm’s way when it comes to national security and our view around the world,” he told reporters Wednesday. 

McCarthy said it was wrong for Pelosi to launch an impeachment inquiry as President Trump met with foreign leaders at the United Nations.

“At the exact same time, the leader of our country is sitting in the U.N., meeting with other world leaders — a challenge with Iran, a challenge with China and others — and she stands before that she’s going to do a press conference all day long to say what’s going to happen with impeachment, and she claims he violated law with no proof, with no information, simply the fact that she does not like the outcome of the election,” he said. “That questions her ability to even be Speaker in my eyes.”