Trump Quietly Visits His Largest Rally Yet – Speaks To A Packed Texas Stadium Of 50,000 Indian-American Voters

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President Trump just attended his biggest rally yet – but the media is silent!

That’s okay, media, we’ll do your job for you (as usual).

A massive rally took place over the weekend in Houston, Texas. And we can promise you, it was way more exciting than that Democratic debate that was held there weeks ago.

It was hosted at the NRG football stadium, the city’s biggest venue. The event was packed with Americans eager to show their support.

Trump was on hand to greet them—and the response speaks for itself.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump appeared at a cavernous football stadium on Sunday alongside Narendra Modi, the popular prime minister of India, who attracted a crowd of 50,000 from across the U.S…

“You have never had a better friend as president than President Donald Trump,” Trump said as the crowd roared with approval. “We thank you. We love you. I want you to know my administration is fighting for you each and every day.”

Wow. The gathering of Indian-Americans boasted 50,000 from all over the country.

Up until this point, Trump had spoken to rallies of up to 30,000. So this would be his largest ever. What an opportunity!

Of course, the outlets that bothered to report on it tried to diminish Trump’s influence on the gathering.

But do you really think the crowd would have been that big if Beto was attending? Or Warren? I don’t think so.

The event gave Trump yet another opportunity to reach out to a group of voters. A group that mainstream politics often overlooks.

President Trump celebrated these hard-working Americans and promised to fight for them every day.

Those gathered cheered the president on. They were overjoyed to see the president live and in person.

And, as cherry on top, he was embraced by the Indian Prime Minister. You know liberal media didn’t like that!

It seems like—despite what the left says—millions of Indian-Americans are on board the Trump train.

Because they are a minority, the left expected them to support Democrats. Doesn’t seem to be the case.

Indian Americans are often business owners and entrepreneurs. They value success, family, and faith.

All things the Trump administration is putting first.

Why would these Americans flock to the left—a party that embraces socialism, the destruction of our families, and radical atheism?

This rally was a big chance to see how Indian Americans feel about President Trump. Hmm… seems like they are pretty excited about him.

I’m guessing the Left is getting pretty worried about now.

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Source: Politico

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