Trump Could Flip 2 Democrat Strongholds – Fresh Report Shows Donald Gaining In 2020 Swing States

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Democrats say they’ll win in a landslide – looks more like a Red Wave to me!

If you listen to the MSM (and we encourage you not to), you would think any of the left’s candidates would beat Trump.

Is that really possible? Hmm… I’m thinking no. Why?

Because the real world is looking a lot different. Despite three years of negative press and manufactured scandals from the left, Trump is working hard for every American.

Americans are seeing the president put them—not globalists—first. And his campaign is targeting states Hillary won in 2016.

And now it looks like the tide is turning in 2 key swing states states.

From Daily Wire:

CNN sent a reporter to “Democratic strongholds” in Minnesota and learned that more and more residents have found themselves aligning with Trump. “Folks here say they didn’t leave the Democratic Party,” CNN’s Martin Savidge reported, “the party left them…”

Campaign Manager Brad Parscale tweeted last Tuesday that more than 45,000 people registered for the president’s rally in New Mexico, 94% of whom were from the state. He also revealed that 48% of the attendees were women, and 40% were Latino.

Uh-oh! If I were a “Democratic strategist” right now, I’d be looking for another job. Maybe something with puppies.

President Trump is doing such a good job, once “Democratic Strongholds” are suddenly looking very red.

CNN learned that the hard way when they sent a reporter to Minnesota. Democrats spent years trying to conquer that state.

In New Mexico, it’s much the same. A state won by Hillary saw a huge turnout for Trump’s rally. Over 45,000 people registered. That included 48% of women and a whopping 40% Latino.

Wow. Democrats should be concerned right about now.

They claim that women and minority groups must vote Democrat. But identity politics is not working how they hoped.

Why? I might sound like a broken record, but here it goes: Trump is putting all Americans first.

Democrats don’t do that much anymore. They’re focused on helping special interest groups. Trump is pushing policy that puts our jobs, economy, and security first.

And Americans are noticing.

What are Democrats doing? Trying to impeach the one man helping Americans.

And they think they’re going to win 2020!

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Source: Daily Wire

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