Cory Booker Reaches His Red Line Limit – He Could Be Finished In Just 10 Days

Booker just reached his ‘Spartacus’ moment – he’s in deep, deep trouble!

Cory Booker is in dire straits, and if he doesn’t get a big boost fast, he’s likely to drop out by the end of the month.

See, presidential candidates need money to keep their White House hopes alive, and most of that money needs to come from donations.

Well, bad news for Booker– the till is almost empty.

That’s why he’s desperately begging his followers for a big ol’ chunk of cash before September 30 … if he doesn’t get it, he might be out.

Via The Daily Caller:

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker’s campaign published a memo Saturday asking readers to help raise $1.7 million in next 10 days to keep him in the race.

Yup, Booker needs to raise $1.7 million in 10 days.

If he can’t do it, his campaign manager Addisu Demissie said Cory probably won’t be able to stick around for “much longer.”

And he admitted as much after NBC News wondered if Booker would be the next one out:

They’re not even trying to hide it — they need money, and they need it immediately.

Obviously, this means the Booker campaign is failing, as evidenced by the pitiful lack of funding.

Looks like nobody wants you to be POTUS, Cory!

But his unpopularity hasn’t stopped Booker from begging:

You can call it a “crossroads” if you want, Cory. We all know what it really is…

Basically, it’s over.

Right now, you rank seventh on the Democrat slate for 2020, and it’s clear that you’re out of money.

Your endless attacks on President Trump haven’t helped, I’m sure, and you’ve never been among the leading candidates for 2020.

Just call it a day and go home. Even if you got the nomination, your chances of beating Trump were almost nil.

I’m guessing that you’ll formally announce that you’re quitting in early October.

What do you think, fellow patriots? Do you agree that Booker is DONE in the next few weeks?

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Source: The Daily Caller