Hillary Loses It On National TV – She Begged A Foreign Power To ‘Sabotage’ Trump

How dare Clinton ask them!

When the Mueller report broke, something must have broke inside Hillary Clinton.

Maybe she couldn’t handle the fact that President Trump had been completely cleared of any Russia collusion.

Obviously, something has gone awry in this woman’s brain, because she just lost it and betrayed Trump – and all of America – on national TV.

Yes, betrayed.

What other word could describe asking a foreign power to sabotage a sitting President—by stealing the President’s tax returns?

Yeah, Hillary is STILL harping on Trump’s tax returns.

But worse still, she just asked China to help steal the President’s tax returns, and she did it on TV, too.

That requires a huge amount of guts… or a giant amount of stupidity. Which do you think it is?

Hillary even takes it a step farther by saying there’d be a reward for China if they did this:

I’m sure our media would richly reward you.

Oh, I’m sure they would.

Maybe Trump should “richly reward” you—by prosecuting you for colluding with another nation to work against our government.

The MSM would, of course, be happy to use anything to tear down Trump, even if those tax returns showed nothing of any interest.

Because in the eyes of Hillary and the media, Trump is guilty just for being a strong-willed conservative.

But at any rate, Hillary saying this on TV is just WAY out of bounds.

We’ve always known Democrats put everyone on earth ahead of Americans, but this is too far.

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Source: YouTube