Rush Limbaugh Drops Hammer: ‘Dems In Total Panic Over Trump’s Surging Popularity’

Rush Limbaugh dropped the hammer on the media for the false narrative they are painting for the American electorate, mainly that Trump is deeply unpopular.

The truth is that national polls do not matter and the ones that do (swing states) show a near tie between Trump and top Dem challengers.

In other words, the nation is divided and 2020 will be a nailbiter and the media is doing a disservice by again falsely stating Trump is losing.

But Rush dug deep and found something that spells doom for the Dems – Trump is more popular than Obama was at this time during his presidency.

After all the mud the media slinged at Trump they haven’t made a dent and shockingly to the left his poll numbers are actually rising.

Rush said: “I was telling you, good friend of mine was speculating for the Democrat debate, “If this thing goes as they all have,” and it did. I mean, thank you, Beto, for breaking the covenant — and he’s continuing to break it. Beto’s now ripping into Democrats for being too soft on this.

Beto’s out there saying, “Damn right, we’re gonna take your AK! Damn right, we’re gonna take your AR. Hell, yes, you’re not gonna get to keep those. We’re coming to your door, we’re coming to your house, and we’re gonna take them out of your cold, dead hands.

Well, the Democrats are in full panic mode. Anyway, I was talking to my buddy and he said, “He’s gonna go up. Trump’s gonna get three, four points out of this. Maybe two, three.” Here we go.

“President Trump’s job approval rating rose four percentage points in a Gallup poll released today. It also found a partisan divide between the Republicans and Democrats at a record high.” Right. So, let’s all focus on these wonderful moderate independents. Yeah! They’re the ones that make things happen.

The president’s approval rating now is at 43%, compared to 39% in August.” In the Rasmussen poll, he’s at 50% and trending up.

But do you want to know something else? I have here a story from Newsweek, and the headline is: “Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Surpasses Obama’s,” and not just to the Rasmussen poll.

“President Trump’s job approval rating this week, averaged across major polls, surpassed that of” Barack Hussein O, otherwise known as The One, “at the same time at this point in his first term.”

Who would ever believe that? Unless you tell them that, nobody would ever think (based on the way news coverage is) that Obama had a lower approval rating three years in, 2-1/2 years in, than Trump does.

But it’s the truth. “Trump’s approval rating on Wednesday was 44.3%. Obama’s approval rating at the same point in his [regime], nearly three years in, was 43.9% on September 18, 2011.” Trump on September 18, 2019 was at 44.3% — and Trump is trending up. Obama was trending down.

Can you believe…? Even now, when I tell you that Donald Trump at this stage of his presidency is, quote-unquote, “more popular than Obama was…” Now, you Republicans and Trump supporters might instinctively know it, but the people that pay attention to Drive-By Media? There’s no way.

They think Trump is hated and despised by the whole country. Trump’s approval number, they think, really is no greater than 20%. You tell them that Trump is more popular to Obama was, and they are not going to believe you — and it’s Gallup, folks. It’s not Rasmussen.”