Trump To Release Name of Man Connected To Saudi Gov’t Who Helped 911 Hijackers

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Much has been made about Trump’s relationships with other world leaders with the media always looking for a negative angle.

Trump and the Saudi’s got along well and rather than assume it was a mutually beneficial relationship as our two countries need each other, the media framed it as Trump personally benefitting at the expense of America.

Like a broken record and without proof they repeated the same mantra hoping it would stick. It has not with normal America, on the left, it is the new conspiracy.

Now that Trump and Barr decided to release the name of the last unnamed individual with alleged ties to the Saudi government who helped the 911 terrorists what will they say? Will they apologize? Don’t bet on it.

From CNN:

The Justice Department will reveal the name of an individual believed to be connected to the Saudi government and accused of aiding two of the 9/11 hijackers, prosecutors said in a court filing Thursday.

The person’s identity will remain a closely guarded secret for now, though it will be shared with attorneys representing the families of victims of the attacks who have alleged the government of Saudi Arabia helped to coordinate the terrorists in a lawsuit. the attorneys can then petition the Justice Department to release the name wider.

The move to disclose the name came a day after the 18th anniversary of the attack, which left nearly 3,000 men and women dead, and followed intense deliberation at the top of the Justice Department.

That the disclosure came under President Donald Trump is especially striking given the administration’s efforts to maintain close relations with the powerful Arab ally, including by downplaying the kingdom’s involvement in the recent murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Attorney General William Barr made the final decision, a Justice Department official said.

While the Saudis have continually denied any government involvement in the attacks, their role has been the subject of dispute in Washington.

Fifteen of the 19 al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked four planes on September 11, 2001, were Saudi nationals.

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