Juan Williams Whines After ‘The Five’ Panel Teams Against Him

Juan Williams is obsessed with attacking President Donald Trump but when the attacks come at him he whines like a baby.

Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld played various clips of Democrats saying President Trump is racist and then said that those people are ignoring the facts in what the president was saying.

“I think the problem is your bizarre thinking on this,” Williams said to the two Fox News correspondents on Wednesday on “The Five.”

“I think the president is trying to distract from Elijah Cummings’ effort and oversight on Trump,” Williams said.

“He sees Elijah Cummings, especially when Elijah Cummings went after his immigration policy, separating children from parents at the border, he’s saying, ‘hey, wait a second, Elijah Cummings, why are you talking about what’s going on at the border? You should be talking about Baltimore,’” he said.

“How’s that a distraction?” Watters said as he referred to what the president did as one of the president’s famous “counter-punch(es).”

“It has nothing to do with fixing the problems that you were just talking about,” Williams said to the panel.

“They don’t see any effort from the president,” he said. “The president has never shown an interest in dealing with these issues.”

Dana Perino said that the recent reporter video of the infestation in Baltimore proved that the president was correct and the media does not know how to deal with his tweets.

“Instead of talking about, ‘well, what did he mean by his tweet?’ and going through and diagramming the sentence, [the media] are not able to actually talk about the issues and that’s where [Trump] continues to win,” she said.

“The president comes in and what does he do? Demeans people in terms of [saying], ‘what human being would want to live here?’ he fired back.

“This takes us back to the way he talks about sh**hole countries and the way that he talks about John Lewis … if he cared, he would also be talking about some of these white congressmen, Republicans, who come from districts with far higher poverty rates among whites and blacks,” he said.

“You know, this is such a deep echo-chamber that I get worried,” he whined of all of the hosts teaming against him to take the president’s side.

“Right now, he’s calling Elijah Cummings a thief, suggesting that Cummings has been stealing federal dollars going to Baltimore,” he said.

“America needs to refute and reject the small percentage of people in the media who push race as a weapon because everything else they have fails,” Gutfeld said, ending the conversation.