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After Two Veterans Confront Biden – Video Catches Joe Turning His Back On Them

Joe Biden seems to get away with every mistake he makes—but hopefully not this one.

It would be terrible if you remember that Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War in 2003. Most senators did.

Meanwhile, businessmen like Donald Trump predicted the worst. And was proven right.

You know how that war went. We still struggle with the aftermath, all these years later.

Joe Biden would be very happy if you forgot his support for that conflict. But two veterans confronted him about it.

The former VP did not handle it well. From Twitter:

Wow. It’s hard to really describe this exchange. Two veterans confronted Biden over his support of the Iraq War.

Remember, this was a war that led to near-countless civilian losses. It cost America many lives. So many young men and women were lost.

But when asked about it—by two veterans—Joe Biden turned his back on them. Not great, Joe, not great.

What would a real leader do in this situation? Years have passed since 2003, but the pain still lingers for many.

I’m guessing a good leader would man up to his mistakes. Admit he was wrong to support a war in Iraq.

Perhaps try to make amends with these veterans? Maybe vow to put our warriors first, supporting them?

Not Joe! When his attempt to guilt them didn’t work, he just walked away.

Dude, you’re trying to win an election! Have you spent so much time in D.C. that you forgot that Americans LOVE our veterans?

Hey, D.C. might have given our soldiers the shaft time and again. But we haven’t forgotten them.

Does Joe Biden really think he can win over voters—by treating veterans like this?

Compare that to how Donald Trump treats our vets. Not only does our president love and admire our soldiers, but he’s done a lot to help them.

He’s turned around the VA, which was notorious for mistreating our heroes. Thanks to Trump, they are finally getting the help they need.